More than a blog about answers, this is a website full of questions.

My writing style has always been fairly dogmatic, for lack of a better word. I try to express my views in the most clear-cut way I can and leave little room for interpretation. That said, I've always valued debate and the exchange of different ideas above everything else.

The articles found here are but a reflection of the stray thoughts and questions that have been in my mind. In a way, the sole purpose of this website is so I don't bother everyone I know with long-winded emails, and instead get people to debate through other means.

Whatever I'm focusing on during my daily life gets its prime time to be deconstructed and analyzed on the website. I wanna open avenues of discussion for people willing to discuss, and most of all, I want people to second question whatever I write here.

I'll commit to replying quickly whenever someone reaches out. You can always email me at contact@askvinni.com.

Let's start conversations and grow together.

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