Death Be Not Proud by John Gunther

“Live while you live, then die and be done with.”
— John Gunther Jr.

206864It should come as no surprise that I’m partial to books about death.

While there’s a lot of negative things, a lot of fear surrounding the word and topic, I often found a certain peace, a certain ultimate good behind it.

What attracts me so much to it is that I’ve always seen death as a big motivator. Because of death, we live. We need death because we need the urgency. We need life to be as short as it is because we need to make the most of it.

Often when hearing stories of people who got terminal diseases, we hear stories of people who gave up and died shortly thereafter.

But for every one of those stories, there are ones of triumph, like in Death Be Not Proud. A memoire of the last 15 months of a (at the time of death) 17 year old boy who fought to the very end. The book had all to become a statement of grief, but instead, John Gunther beautifully writes about his son’s struggle; a boy so special that I couldn’t help but cheer for him to the very end, although what would happen was clear from the start.

It’s often by reading about death that we find an urge to live, and this was no different. The boy made a bigger impact in his 17 years than most people will in a lifetime.

That is, unless we get off our asses and start moving.

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