Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday

27036528It’s not hard to be a fan of Ryan Holiday. His books are accessible and often about topics that I already care about. He has a lot of knowledge and is always searching for more, that’s obvious to everyone who’s heard of him.

It’s also not hard to recognize that humility is a good and important thing and that ego is bad; that we should always seek improvement and hold ourselves to high standards, rise above any setbacks and most importantly, not get full of ourselves when we succeed on something.

Still, it is oftentimes necessary to restate the obvious, lest we forget it. We need to illustrate common knowledge with stories if we are to grasp it and live it.

Having someone like Ryan write a book like this ensures we have enough examples, both good and bad. His focus, much like mine, is on practical knowledge and applying the learning to our lives.

The struggle against the ego is just about the most practical and important obstacle we all face at one point or another, and revisiting this book will be part of my fight.

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