A Place of My Own by Michael Pollan

13838If there’s one thing I’m a sucker for, it’s taking a mundane task and idealizing it to something borderline magical.

It should come as no surprise that I absolutely loved this book. Granted, I’m into woodworking, DIY, architecture and philosophy, all things this book is based on, but I feel that this book will be appreciated even by people who only like one or two of those things.

Pollan takes upon himself to build a writing house, a place he can retreat to and work. With no carpentry skills whatsoever–he is after all a journalist–he hires a contractor to help him through it and tells the story of the building in the book.

It’s a perfect mix of “first X then Y” and philosophy. It’s not a handbook on how to build a cabin, but rather I’d consider it a type of “essay” on what a cabin like that means. What the construction means, what hard work means.

It’s incredibly motivational, and if I first came across this book when doing research on how to build furniture, it incentivized me to go beyond that and someday in the future build my own cabin.

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