empty classroom

I would be a hypocrite if I weren’t open to discussing this manifesto and even changing the entirety of it as well, so I welcome any type of criticism and anyone who holds different ideas to challenge me on whatever is written here.

For centuries we have been stuck in the same system, one in which teachers and professors hold the knowledge and transfer it to classrooms filled with bored students. Students who would rather be anywhere else than there, students who see little to gain from listening to a monotonous middle aged man or woman explain a concept they will find little use for in their future lives. For centuries, universities and schools have hardly changed. They have gotten more modern, sure, now most classrooms come with projectors and other devices aimed at making the “learning experience” a breeze, but despite all of the modernizations, the methods continue the same. We are still sitting, facing professors, asking ourselves why we are not doing other things, asking ourselves why we have to memorize fuzzy concepts by heart, asking ourselves if there is a different, better way.