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Before I left home, my dad gave me a watch.

He said I should give things time. I kept rushing, wanted time to go by faster and faster by the minute. I wanted to jump years ahead, get to the “fun part of life.”

I didn’t understand it then, and sometimes still refuse to understand it now, but time is gonna pass no matter what, and it’s gonna run at the pace it’s always done. Just like my old watch, which ran out of batteries by now, used to tick at the same pace as every other watch.

The word “pace” is important here. The fact that we can’t influence it, even more.

It means that the minutes will turn into hours, months and eventually, in their due time, to years. It won’t go faster, we don’t get a skip button.

But we also don’t get to slow it down.

That leaves us with two options:

Either we use the time, or we waste it.

It’s not who you are, it’s what you do

Every so often, we may fall into the trap of wishing people could see inside our minds. See what we truly think but can’t express, what we’d like to do but haven’t put the hours into just yet. We wish they could see all of our yet unfulfilled dreams, aspirations, all the good we’re yet to do for the world.

Every so often, after one interaction or another—be it with customers, friends, or even dates—I’d leave feeling a little disappointed. I thought maybe, if the person had seen what was going through my mind, it would have been different. If they knew how my day or week had been, they’d have understood why I didn’t put my best foot forward. Or maybe if they had just seen what I thought about saying but didn’t say. Yes, I know how self centered and irrational that thought is.

Less, Better


I like coffee. I also talk about it a lot. Because of that, it surprises others that I don’t drink it every day.

The same goes for craft beers, wine, and tea.

When those topics come up, I often hear that I must be rich to afford something like that regularly. It often shocks me and whomever I’m talking to when we put it to paper and find that in fact, I spend only a fraction more than they do on the same things.

Mental Models

mind photo

If there’s one thing that always fascinated me, it’s the concept of using psychology to influence our behavior. Of using our minds to create a certain image of the world that will cause us to act and live differently. And yes, this is as pseudo-sciency as it gets.

Take for example one of the beliefs that most define me: I believe that nothing that happens is ever bad. The good in a seemingly bad thing can be a learning experience or getting our asses away from bigger trouble, even if it’s not apparent at first sight. I believe the universe knows best what is good for us and whatever happens, happens with that as its purpose.

That of course puts me in a group that everyone refers to as “the optimists.”

It’s your fault


Living in the (pardon my French) shithole I have been for roughly the past year has made me realize several things, the latest of which probably being the most important to take to the future.

And let me preface it by saying that I’m loving it here.

The latest thing I realized came from a conversation with my flatmate. I realized something that I’ve always known and believed, but probably never “got.”

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