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Let Me Compete, Let Me Win, and Please, Please Let Me Lose


We don’t actively notice how big of a role competition plays in our culture. We go about our days like normal, ideally trying to do and be our best, not noticing the amount of times we get taken advantage of or take advantage of a situation or someone. I have the belief that we’re all trying to win one thing or another. It simply makes sense, doesn’t it? That we want the best for ourselves and those around us and if we’re put to test, we’ll do our damndest to ensure that it’s happening, even if it means that someone gets the short end of the stick.

Democracy, Sweet Democracy


Around 380 BC, Plato created his ideal city state. In The Republic, he imagined a state that would uphold the just, the right, and the fair. In the book, he idealized everything; from the way kids are raised, to the city quarters, to the form of government.

In The Republic, Plato claimed that a government should consist of sages, of philosophers. He called those people guardians. They were people who would dedicate their entire lives to the state, who would have little to no material possessions, educated in all subjects, the most important being philosophy. He considered those people “men of gold” and they would be discovered during the rigorous educational system in place.

I meditate, and so should you

e836b1072cf3093ecd0b470de7444e90fe76e6d31cb4144090f6c2_1280_zenFor a few years now I’ve been in a road of self improvement. One that started long ago and won’t stop as long as I’m breathing. In this road, I’ve met several obstacles, had to face myself at almost every corner and was forced to changed by circumstances; external as well as internal.

In every step of the way, one thing helped me more than anything else: meditation.

Is equality just?

In my last post I outlined a few fundamental flaws of how humans perceive each other and how to remedy that. Conversations that followed had me thinking about the difference between equality and fairness.

Does treating everyone like “us” mean we’ll be treating everyone equally? Does it mean doing the same for all of them, seeing them with the same amount of respect, dedicating the same amount of our time to them?

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