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Longer, well researched posts primarily focused on philosophy, psychology and self improvement. Topics I've mulled over for weeks. Irregularly updated.


Essays and other writings

Shorter, weekly articles on principles and thoughts that have been in my mind for a couple of days. Contradictory and rough, evolving as I do.

Coffee and the Pursuit of Excellence



Over the past few months, this word has taken on an increasingly important role in my life. Those who know me know I’ve always drank the “black” liquid in one form or another. It was at the background of some of the most memorable conversations I’ve had throughout my life.

The Impossible List


In my last relationship (at the time of writing), my girlfriend at the time consistently pushed me to write down a bucket list. She had had hers for a long time and already checked some things off. It was a big thing for her, she was very serious about accomplishing everything she had written down in one moment of her life.

And couldn’t understand why I didn’t have one. Couldn’t understand why I refused to write mine down, especially when we would often talk about plans for the future and things we wanted to accomplish at one point or another in our lives.

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