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On Creating


“Nature does not give to those who will not spend; her gifts are loaned to those who will use them.”
—Raymond John Baughan, Undiscovered Country, 1946

I constantly have to create. Not art, I don’t paint, draw or take photos. But I constantly have to create something. Be it new pieces of writing for this website, articles for other websites, intercultural training concepts, or a crocheted glove (yes, I do crochet from time to time). Some might call it an obsession.

I call it “returning favors”.

Work Intentionally

workerOur work is the highest expression of our selves.

When people think of work, they think of what they do on the clock, from 9 to 5.

That’s wrong.

Our work is everything we do. Every strategy we develop, every report we hand in, every conversation we have, every cup of coffee we brew, every weight we lift.

And any and all our work should stand by itself, should paint a picture of who we are. That picture should be accurate, should be true. No matter how seemingly small the work was.

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