How do you maintain a website like this when your views change more often than you change clothes, when you can’t go through a single conversation without saying “well, you do have a point, I should rethink that?”

When I first named and created it, “Ask Vinni” was supposed to be long articles on fairly complicated topics and my take on a few of the questions posed to me. It started out well, like most creative endeavors do. I was hammering out words and writing articles whenever I found the time to, I created a schedule and stuck to it.

And then, nothing.

Although I could blame a variety of things—university, work, my summer job—it’s time I take responsibility for what I set out—and failed— to do.

The truth is that I don’t know much. If we’re sticking to facts, my knowledge of them is shaky at best. When moving to opinions, well, I haven’t really sorted most of mine out for the most part. My opinion often takes a 180˚ turn on the first conversation I have after publishing an article. Sometimes I’ll let it simmer and go back to what I thought originally, sometimes I’ll be tempted to delete the article, but will choose not to “for posteriority’s sake.”

People ask me a lot of things, from the straightforward “when did you leave work yesterday” to the more complicated “how do you feel about refugees” and “what does justice mean to you?”

I left work at 7:55pm yesterday, but straightforward questions don’t make for good articles.

Here’s what you should expect from now on:

I did set out to write more often than I have done in the last six months. I won’t promise that writing more often is gonna mean more articles, but I’ll do my best.

I’ll still argue my views and push my point of view, that’s what I’ve always done and that’s what I’ll continue to do. Your job is now to pick them apart, send me emails, write comments, whatever you want. Get a conversation going. Don’t “ask Vinni,” discuss with Vinni.

What I wrote on the last post I published still stands. I’ll make sure I live out whatever I try to push here. I’ll speak from experience, but most of the evidence will be anecdotal. It’s what works (or doesn’t work) for me and me only. You take whatever might apply to you and please, leave all the rest. My way of being and living works for me, but each person should have their own. I’ve pieced my opinions, thoughts, habits and even jokes from the people around me, taking whatever I could use and leaving out all the rest, what didn’t fit with me, what would make me inauthentic. We’re all made of the influences we see in our daily life, make an effort to choose the right ones.

Regarding the core of website, the Ask Vinni category, right now I don’t have anything in the works, nothing that pulled my attention and made me want to research and write about in depth. If I’m totally honest with myself, I haven’t looked for stimuli either. The latter part changes today, but even then I wouldn’t expect a long post like that in the near future.

Within my Essays and other writings category, the new description reads “shorter, weekly articles on principles and thoughts that have been in my mind for a couple of days. Contradictory and rough, evolving as I do.” I believe that to be accurate, and will stick to my writing style.

I’m retiring the “books” category. I’m not pleased with it. I’ve still been reading, but that was mostly lazy content. I still have my Goodreads account and update it regularly, refer to that if you’re curious about my bookshelves. I’m considering alternatives.

As always, I appreciate feedback. I appreciate people picking apart my views and being open to discussion. No, I’m not pushing an agenda, I’m writing about my own way of living. Once again, take what you can use and leave the rest.

It’s been a ride, my life since the summer. Some bad, some good. I can say that my mindset changed a lot, but my actions and behavior haven’t caught up with it yet. If it seems like the website was lacking direction, it’s because I myself was lacking direction. Let’s change that.

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