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I like coffee. I also talk about it a lot. Because of that, it surprises others that I don’t drink it every day.

The same goes for craft beers, wine, and tea.

When those topics come up, I often hear that I must be rich to afford something like that regularly. It often shocks me and whomever I’m talking to when we put it to paper and find that in fact, I spend only a fraction more than they do on the same things.

Genussmittel. A German word I’ve come to use regularly. Often translated to “food and drink,” it’s made by combining the words Genuss, enjoyment, and Mittel, mean. It’s what those substances and many others are to me. Means of enjoyment.

I don’t remember the last time I got drunk. I also don’t remember the last time I needed a caffeine boost.  All of those drinks are things I consume for enjoyment, to appreciate the taste and nuances of each.

And one of the things that makes me the happiest about our society as a whole is that semiluxury goods are on the rise. Slowly but surely we’re drifting away from “consume, consume, consume,” and towards “slowly sip and appreciate.”

I vouch against altering our perceptions, energy levels or moods with other substances. I’m all for maintaining our health and wellbeing through living a good life and building healthy habits. Of supplying our needs by ourselves and using whichever other substances we find simply as a way of sitting back and appreciating the work put into them.

I don’t believe the world needs coffee, in the same way it doesn’t need beer, tea, wine, or whatever else you can name. But it does stand to gain a lot from sitting back and appreciating each one of those things, their nuances and differences among themselves. The craftsmanship that goes into making each cup, glass, and brew taste special.

Those views on consuming less have also spread to other areas of my life. In stark contrast to last year’s Vinni who would do his damndest to fill every single slot of his google calendar with something to do and would shirk from having more than a few minutes of free time every day, I’ve recently decided to do less, but do it better.

This is one of the reasons why updates have come irregularly at best in the website. I used the summer to focus on other areas of my life and give all of myself to them. Now, I’m ready to get back to writing and slowly work my way back up to the same quality I used to expect of myself, and then improve upon it again and again.

Updates will still come irregularly. We’ll have less posts published on average, but they’ll be better.

  • Sitting down with a cup a tea is probably the most relaxing thing on the planet. When you’ve got nothing but silence and a carefully made beverage sitting in front of you, you suddenly have the time and capacity for great thought – which can later turn into great action.

    Loved this post. Thanks for writing it! 🙂

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