Life Update

Before I get into the actual topic (which I’m typing up on wordpress and won’t be editing), I’d like to call attention to my Now Page. Basically, if you ever wanna know what’s been taking up my time, head over there and you’ll find it.

The last couple of months have been incredible on my side. I met some incredible people and got very close to others I’ve known for a longer time, but had never actually sat down to talk one on one to. This stronger contact with people and closer relationships I started leading during the time brought me back to a Vinni I used to be: the Vinni I was when I started off the website.

This Vinni is someone I like much more than who I’d been for the longest time until then. I (re-)shifted my focus from coffee into reading, self improvement and building stronger relationships, which is frankly much more worthwhile. I stopped telling myself I’d write and started working on my list of “topics I’ll get to eventually,” starting with one that’s getting close to first draft completion. Stopped trying to get up early every morning and started, well, actually doing it.

And as it is when you start spending time with more worthwhile things, I started getting ideas, my brain started racing. Three things will be changing on the website in the very near future:

  • The newsletter:
    • No more “feed-type” emails. Instead, I’ll be sending an email every Monday with some inspiration for the week. A minimum of three and maximum of five items. Those will be things I’ve found worthwhile and would like to share, maybe books, articles, quotes, whatever calls my attention.
  • A “books” section:
    • Those who followed me from the start will remember I had a “book” section on the website. I eventually discontinued it as it proved to be lazy content. Well, I’m picking it back up, but in a different format. I’ll try to distill most of what I learn from each book into directives1 and publish on a new section of the website that’s still in the works. I’ll announce it on my new newsletter (yeah, I know what I did there) when it’s up.
  • Articles:
    • I promise myself I’ll always have an “Ask Vinni article” in the works. Please refer to my Now page for more information on the topic I’ll be researching and writing about. Book and article recommendations are always more than welcome.

Looking back on what happened over the last two years, I attribute a lot of the struggles I faced to my lack of work. I worked behind a counter, yes, but I didn’t work for myself. I didn’t create. Now, looking back, I see how necessary it is. The quality of my work is still not quite where I’d like it to be, but that’s ok. The only way to make better work is to go through more volume, make more mistakes, get back up and keep learning.

There’s one quote from Marcus Aurelius that always pulled me, but I never understood why, I never understood what it exactly meant. I still couldn’t explain it, but I feel like I understand it now.

“To stand up straight, not straightened.”

I hope you’re as excited for this new stage as I am.


  1. essentially I’ll strip the arguments off and publish the passages that call my attention, aiming for practicality