First of all, welcome to my website.

I've written a few posts throughout the years, and that number will only increase. This page is simply meant to curate a few I'm particularly proud of and have aged particularly well, in no special order. It should give you a rough idea of what I believe in and want to push with my articles. Without further ado, here's the list:

Ask Vinni Category

Education Manifesto -- Back when I was very active in an NGO aimed to promote intercultural learning, I wrote a manifesto outlining how I see education and the turn I hope it takes during my lifetime. I still stand behind everything I wrote there, even though it's been a smaller part of my life.

The Way of the Warrior -- Final post in a series that took a good part of a year to complete. Warrior and warrior cultures have always been incredibly inspiring to me, although they might get a bad rep sometimes. This series was an attempt to extract all the good I could from it.

Service and Accessibility -- Just one of the many things I learned from working in the hospitality industry. This article outlines how I see good service and relating it to accessibility; making complicated topics seem simple and picking your listener/reader up from where they are.

Essays Category

Facing Death -- I've never been particularly scared of death, this article explains why. We can't run from it, so we might as well accept it, reflect on it, and live as fully as we can.

Sharpness of Mind -- A bit of an abstraction of my Way of the Warrior series and how I spent my days while writing it. A parallel between physical and mindful training.

Trigger Warning -- Maybe this article isn't relevant anymore, I vastly reduced the time I spend among groups that article refers to; it doesn't mean my views changed. I don't like the idea of being coddled by society and still value disagreement and different points of view.

Democracy, Sweet Democracy -- Inspired by the results of the Brexit vote, I wrote this piece on why I don't consider democracy a good form of government. It's the best we have at the moment, but it's definitely not the best humans can achieve. As an idealist at heart, I'll always look for a better alternative.

Let Me Compete, Let Me Win, and Please, Please Let Me Lose -- The title is fairly self explanatory here. There's a reason I'm against "participation trophies" and think we learn more from losing than winning. I don't want society to rob me of my ability to lose.

It's not who you are, it's what you do -- It's easy to forget that other people don't know what we've been through and the mental state we're in. This article is a reminder of that. It's our utmost duty to always put our best foot forward, it's also the only way to make sure we're making a solid first impression.

Time -- Time moves at a set pace, and we can either use it or waste it.