What I'm doing now

(This is a now page, it's regularly updated with new projects and stuff I'm working on.)


I'm taking a break from writing after finishing and publishing my last article. At the moment, my finals are more urgent.


Nonfiction: Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed

Fiction: What Makes Sammy Run? by Budd Schulberg


Starting to implement deep work habits into my life, I truly believe I'll reach more in less time once I get those habits ingrained.

Still struggling to get through uni while juggling all side projects and work in the café.

Recently got really big into tea and it's been fun to draw parallels between that and coffee.

Slowly but surely, I'm getting to a more comfortable point with myself, where I'm finding a balance between working and enjoying what I'm doing, instead of working for the sake of being busy.

Last updated on February 10, 2018.