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Drive by Daniel H. Pink

DriveWhy am I writing all of these posts, anyway? Last I checked I never received a single cent for any of them. More so, why did I go through the trouble of migrating everything from Medium to my personal website? Well, Drive explains. I am doing it for myself, I am doing it because it is meaningful to me, and when that is at play, money takes the backseat. Why do I volunteer and lead intercultural seminars at every opportunity, spend so much of my time when I could instead be making money? I choose how I spend my free time and it just so happens to be that reading and writing about such books, or being an intercultural trainer, is something I deem worthy enough.

A Primer on Philosophy

rafael painting

“I’ll get to that book in one or two weeks, but I need some philosophy now.”

I said those exact words recently and people seemed taken aback, as usually happens when I say that I “need some philosophy.” Nowadays the image we have of philosophers is that they are people who sit down and think, think and eventually come up with a new theory. “Maybe this is how the world works!” Some people even have a negative view of the subject. They think that philosophy is nothing but a waste of time, and instead we should be moving and working and definitely not trying to find subjective answers to subjective questions. Science is already a foolproof method to discover new things, right?

How I keep a commonplace book

commonplace book
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I have, for a long time, heard people singing the praises of commonplace books. Many of the most important and intelligent people in history have kept those and I figured I should as well (Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations is one of them). For most of this year (starting around March), I have highlighted passages on my kindle (I do prefer paperbacks but since I still don’t have a very stable place to live, I’ve had to do with e-readers) and written them out on index cards a few days after finishing the book. Lately I’ve tried yet another method and what I will do here is outline both, since I have been using them side by side and I have been extremely happy with my results.

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